Curriculum Vitae: Jelonek Zbigniew

Executive Summary
Zbigniew Jelonek is a sincere, motivated and committed individual with the following degrees:

Master of Science in Geology (University of Silesia, Poland)
Majoring in:
- Chemical Analysis of Coal
- Stratigraphic Prospecting Geology - Palaeoethnology vertebrates, palaeo - habitat of Trias
- Palaeoethnology research and preparation

Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (HRM) (University of Silesia, Poland)
Majoring in:
- Strategic Management
- Conflict & Negotiation Management
- Salary and Motivation Systems
- Communication
- Personnel Management

Technical Mechanician (Technical School, Jaworzno, Poland)
Majoring in:
- Electronics & Automation in Mining
- Construction of Mining Machinery & Electric Devices

His exceptional strategic management, staff management and technical skills were tested and strengthened during his professional career of 24 years. For the last 8 years, he s been working for the same company in the Culture & Sports Industry. At the beginning, he worked as a technical official in charge of theTechnical Department. One year later, he was promoted to an assistant of a manager of the same department. In year 2004, he was promoted again and took a position of a manager of the Multifunctional Building Objects in the Technical Department. His responsibility includes technical and administrative management of 40 staff. Prior to the current company, he ran his own business in the Knitting Industry (8 years) and worked in the Coal Mining Industry (8 years).

Technical Programmes:
Thru his well organized work, he lowered his department s service costs. Buying a new, modern equipment and reorganizing the old method of work, he caused his company to increase its earning capacity. He also made many innovations which increased sale of services and gained new customers. He improved the existing bonus system and introduced a restructured system of using right people in right work places by placing them accordingly to their work knowledge and experience.

Range of Experience:
- Elemental analysis of the organic samples: the content of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur determined by the Perkin-Elmer Analyzer
- Reconstruction of a chronology of geological phenomena on the Earth with means of dating rocks and examination of fossil flora and fauna
- Searching and preparation of macro and microscopic samples including fossils
- Management of the Palaeoethnology Museum of Trias
- Geological Cartography
- Geological Interpretation of Satellite and Aerial Photographs
- Conducting research of Geological Formations with special regard to coal-bearing fields
- Projecting of Geological and Topographic Maps using MAPINFO, SURFER
- Active participation in projects dealing with protection of the lithosphere and natural resources (Project Szrenica)
- Identification and documentation of deposits, economics and protection of raw materials, application of geophysical methods in geology and in protection of nature

- Workforce Planning
- Skills Management
- Training & Development
- Time Management
- Performance Appraisal
- Strategic Management
- Personnel Management
- Conflicts & Negotiations
- Communication
- Competition

- Designed and implemented automation systems including Conveyor Type "SKAT-E180 WMJ"
- Optimisation of the coal machines settings
- Software Application
- Digital Modelling
- Communication in Mining
- Optimisation of minerals flotation process
- Power Electrical Supply & Process Control in Mining
- Electric Hazards and Eletromagnetic Compatibility in
- Mining Mining Machinery & Electric Devices

Current Job Title
Manager of Multifuncjonal Building Objects
Experience in geology, human resource and technical management, business strategy, coordination and implementation of various technical projects and coal mining standards.

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Criminal Record: None
Health Condition: Good

Formal Education
University of Silesia, Poland - MBA in Human Resource Management
University of Silesia, Poland - MSc in Geology
University of Silesia, Poland - Bachelor in Geology
Technical School, Poland - Technical Mechanician

Computer Literacy
Excellent computer skills in data analysis
Excellent knowledge of:
- HTML code
- LaTex
Proficient in the following programming languages and concepts:
- DigitalMicrograph
- Surfer
- Corel
- PC-based software and computing systems
- Basic knowledge in the following languages:
- C- Pascal
- Visual Basic LanguagesPolish (native)

Polish (native)
Russian (intermediate)
English (beginners)

Erymployment Experience and Skills
Organisation: Municipal Center of Culture and Sports, Jaworzno, Poland
Industry: Culture and Sports
Period: February 2004 Current
Role: Manager of Multifunctional Building Objects
Job Description:
Responsible for a proper staff selection for different projects, development and implementation of training programs
for employees, planning of employee professional carriers, - development and implementation of salary and
motivations systems, performance appraisal using review system sheets, resolving conflicts, conducting
negotations, interpretation of trade, administration and work laws. Coordinate and implement projects like
organization of technical bases in various work places, provide security and technical infrastructure during sport and
cultural events, coordinate all order activities.
Organisation: Municipal Center of Culture and Sports, Jaworzno, Poland
Industry: Culture and Sports
Period: February 2001 - to still
Role: Manager of Multifunctional Building Objects
Job Description:
Coordinate and supervise staff on various technical projects. Responsible for resolving project issues and providing impact analysis to management.
Organisation: Trade and Service, Knitting Industry, Jaworzno, Poland
Industry: Knitting
Period: August 1995 + January 2002
Role: Owner
Job Description:
Responsible for running own business in a knitting industry. Perform all necessary operations including production,
book-keeping, service and trading.
Organisation: Coal Mine ,,Jaworzno,, Jaworzno, Poland
Industry: Coal Mining
Role: Automation Operator
Operate mining machinery and electric devices used in the coal mining industry.

International Experience
- 2007 International conference of PhD. students and young scientists, Herl`any/Slovenská Republika
- 2005 International conference of PhD. students and young scientists, Miękinia/Herl`anyPoland

Prof. Dr. Krystyna J. Kruszewska,
University of Silesia Faculty of Earth Sciences, Bedzinska St.60, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland, e-mail:
MSc Marian Miler
MCKiS, Mickiewicza St.2, 43-600 Jaworzno, Poland, e-mail: